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30 Builder’s Phrases in POLISH You Might Find Useful

This is a good list to pin or tape up to the tea making facility area in your site hut (file under Site Notice and Contact Numbers). It will really help your site communication if you can make an effort. You also want to understand what they are saying amongst themselves. It has taken me many years as I had to learn these from scratch myself. They are bona fide. I didn’t use Google Translate and I didn’t make it up. As I am an immigrant, you can trust me. It’s all tried and tested and no one will burst out laughing. You can ask a Polish person if you don’t believe my list. When I first arrived in the UK, I learned Londonese, then Cockney, then rhyming slang (basic, level 1), then I learned Polish (not even pre-beginner’s level). If it don’t hurt, it ain’t true. This list is standalone and designed to be referred to by sight. Just point to what exactly it is you want to say. It is mostly consonants, do not attempt to pronounce without prior consultation. HOT TIP: Lunch is lunch (same word). Whatever you do, please don’t offer them builder’s tea (English tea). If you enjoyed my previous post 30 Builder’s Terms or Slang You Might Find Useful, you will know that they prefer lattes.

Print off and keep this handy list.

1/ Are you coming in tomorrow? 

Czy będziesz jutro?

2/ Could you go for your break now please. 

Możesz teraz zrobić przerwę w pracy.

3/ Call architect now.

Zadzwoń teraz do architekta.

4/ Stop, please.

Przestań , proszę.

5/ Start, please.

Zacznij, proszę.

6/ Building inspector coming today

Dzisiaj przychodzi inspektor budowy.

7/ Where’s Paul (or insert whatever name)?

Gdzie jest Paul?

8/ Do you want a latte, cappuccino or Americano or do you want English tea?

Czy chciałbyś napić się kawy latte, cappuccino, Americano czy może herbaty?

9/ Have you done the quote?

Czy zrobiłeś już wycenę?

10/ Did you park in my space?

Czy zaparkowałeś na moim miejscu?

11/ When will you be coming back?

Kiedy wrócisz?

12/ Breakfast


13/ Lunch


14/ Structural engineer

Inżynier konstruktor/ budowlany.

15/ Drawings/plans. Check the drawings again.

Rysunki/ plany. Jeszcze raz sprawdź rysunki.

16/ What time?

O której godzinie?

17/ Meetings


18/ Dimensions. Measure again and give me the dimensions.

Wymiary. Zmierz jeszcze raz i podaj mi wymiary.

19/ Without milk

Bez mleka.

20/ Thank you.


21/ Goodbye.

Do widzenia.

22/ See you on Monday.

Do zobaczenia w poniedziałek.

23/ Call me. Here’s my number.

Zadzwoń do mnie , to jest mój numer telefonu.

24/ Loading and delivery

Załadunek/ dostawa.

25/ I’ll be back in half hour/1 hour/week/month. 

Wrócę za pół godziny/ za godzinę/ za tydzień/za miesiąc.

26/ What? How much? How much again?

Co? Ile? Jeszcze raz ile?

27/ Everyday


28/ Every week

Co tydzień.

29/ Twice a week

Dwa razy w tygodniu.

30/ Three times a day

Trzy razy dziennie.

YOUR BONUS PHRASE (you know you want to):

31/ paracetamol/ibuprofen is in the first aid kit

Tabletki przeciwbólowe paracetamol / ibuprofen  są w apteczce  pierwszej pomocy.

Next up I will be writing 30 Useful Words for the business of Architecture and Design in CHINESE. You’re welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please share. As usual I would love to hear from you. All comment and feedback welcome.

Written by Ivy Ngeow B.Arch (Hons) MA RIBA © 2019 All rights reserved

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