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Mobalpa Islington Kitchen Showroom Opens Sat 10 Oct 2015

I was invited by my friend Tina Foo to Mopalpa Kitchen in Islington on Sat 10 October 2015. I have always loved Islington so I was looking forward to meeting her aunt Vivien Yau, the manager, and the family.


CLICK to see the film here







Mobalpa Kitchens

were first made more than a hundred years ago in the French Alps. They continue to be made there today. They have eco credentials, being made from sustainable resources using renewable energy and recycled industrial waste.











The showroom

is spacious and features different solutions to modern living. Open plan is the first concept that comes to mind. The next would be storage. Each piece of furniture has been meticulously thought through and manufactured to avoid waste – waste of materials and of storage. Most items have dual functions too – a worktop sliding away to become a sink, for example. A door that tilts down to become an extra worktop.











We were treated to

champagne and delicious snacks made by professional chef Adrienne. I am not sure I can reproduce these dishes at home, with my limited time and culinary skills.