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“Where’s Wheelie” Sunday Times ‘Home’ section 4.10.2015

Sunday Times Bins

Carparks, cleaner’s room, public toilets, sheds, I have done them. Though I can’t quite wheelie it – I am in the Sunday Times! Granted – for an article about bins. As a designer I have never laughed at or sniffed at any kind of commission. These are humble structures and to retain humility as a designer is a sign of total respect and integrity for your client and your project. Also, you never know what will happen or who you will meet. So yes I am proud.

The second of the four photos is my baby. However, that said, I hope the world does not think I only design bins. Yet to be fair, if I did design your bin, it will probably be the smartest damned bin in the whole world and you could probably live in it.