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REVIEW: RIBA and Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2019

Yesterday attended a very interesting lunch event “RIBA and Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2019”. Speakers included:
1/ Lucy Tilley of Adjaye Associates, who spoke about working internationally and understanding local culture and contexts (only 20% of their work is in the UK and the rest abroad),
2/ Jevan Chowdhury of Wind and Foster who spoke about Moving Cities, dance film projects in international cities, very “moving” in both senses of the word, how dance could be brought to the streets as art rather than remain bourgeois, and indoors in a theatre controlled environment, and
3/ Alistair Kean of Dalziel Pow who spoke about consumerism, community and brand experience. This talk was very structured and detailed which I enjoyed and managed to learn the 6P’s of brand experience which are: Purpose, Personality, People, Place, Process, Product. I talked to him afterwards during lunch as apparently I am a “brand ambassador” for the Newcastle fitness clothing brand Just Strong and I am supposed to model their clothes and take photos for my Instagram but I have not done a thing as I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing or what an ambassador is. I am interested in branding because I am “a brand”. There is no other word to describe the things I do because I do not do just one thing.
4/ Dr Edmund Lee of the Hong Kong Design Centre closed the talk about how to participate in the BODW in HK in December. A very healthy lunch spread was included when all I expected was tuna sweetcorn sandwiches. It was lowcarb, lowfat and low sugar, perfect for me and my colleague Lisa. I put forward my card to Dr Edmund Lee and I certainly hope to participate in the future in BODW. Thank you @RIBA!IMG_7382
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