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Is Pasar Bella, the ‘beautiful market’, more ‘beautiful’ than ‘market’?

I love getting ideas when I am travelling. There is nothing like experience for experience. Pasar Bella in Turf Road, Singapore, is an interesting concept, albeit all fake. As I am not a foodie, I don’t mind that: it is a bit like being in a theatre, entering a world. Here the world is the posh farmer’s market, established 2013. In this world, just as in theatre, there is no sweat, no blood, no guts, no fish entrails, no cheesy smells, no open sewers, no haggling, no ugly shady characters. This place is pure interior design. The signage, seating and fronts are quite attractive and have addressed east-west cultural influences well.

Pasar is from the Malay word for market which is in turn from the Arabic bazaar. Bella is from the Italian for beautiful. I notice that there is a lot of use of vintage or recycled elements both of which are on trend right now. Pasar Bella has 30 stalls crossing between a market and a food court.