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30 Builder’s Terms or Slang You Might Find Useful

It’s not for everyone, but it helps to know the lingua franca. If you have the local accent, even better (“bet’ah”). Innit. CHIPPY (sl.): Not the Chinese takeaway cum fish and chip shop, but a slang for carpenter. eg “Yeah. We’ll ge’ th’ chippy knock owt tha’ stud wall.” SPARKY (sl.): electrician. COURSE: a horizontal row of bricks. eg …

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How to Convince Your Client Your Design is the Best (or at least better than theirs by MILES) in 9 rock solid moves

One of the most jittery and crushing facts about a profession in design and architecture is that architecture and design are subjective. Not very subjective, a bit subjective, which is why it is hard. It would be so much better if they were very subjective, or subject to wild fantasies with no rules. But they are not. Both …

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FUTURE STATE Pop-Up Shop and Retail Cube

This is a cute pop-up shop made of pallets, upcycled and repurposed softwood offcuts, storage crates, ply and cling film and other packaging paraphernalia, for the young and hipster South-east Asian boutique. (Sandwiches not included). The attraction of these “temporary structures” are due to the following reasons: modern, innovative, budget-friendly, eco-friendly, transportable, modular, retail solutions.