Stained Glass Design c. 1910 style

One of the most misunderstood design opportunities for stained glass lies in the fact that it is only used in bright areas or rooms. Yet the opposite is true. In a dimly lit basement flat where there is little natural light, it enhances and gives the illusion of light whether it’s on a dark and cloudy day or indeed at night when it is obviously dark outside. It works through filtering light through coloured glass.

In this design, which is in a turn of the century urban apartment the use of stained glass as a feature is ideal as it is not only in keeping with the Arts and Crafts Movement, it draws in different moods to the room due to the filtered artificial light. It goes well with a traditional or modern panelled timber interior. The fish in the reeds design is based on Japanese 20th century motifs and I drew it up at first by hand then scanned in, and redrawn at scale 1:1 on AutoCAD. This was then taken to Juno Glass one of the oldest glass workshops/factories in London to be produced by hand and leading.