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RIBA Members’ Evening Christmas Drinks 5 Dec 2018

All-you-ever-wanted-to-ask-the-RIBA-but-were-afraid-to are on display in stalls mode. Imagine not having to search for any answers online as they are all physically in front of you. Here I am with the President, Ben Derbyshire:

My favourite display involved members’ participation. Members get two stickers according to their category and choose the issues that matter to them the most. Let’s just not beat about the bush. It’s safe to say that Planning and Procurement are dull. Followed by New Technology. No I don’t know what it is either.

I am a blue sticker holder (practice owner) and naturally I have to vote for Community and Diversity. That is what I do. With my second blue dot I was tempted to go for Future Role of the Architect. The future is uncertain because there is widespread anxiety that we will be affected by AI, just as many other professions such as law, engineering and healthcare (nursing etc). But instead I chose Leadership and Business Skills. A lot if not most architects are poor at business skills. It is something we are not taught very much of and have to grapple and learn the hard way. I speak for myself.

Goodies, see above. I received the Toblerone style of scale rule (quite rare nowadays) and a couple of pens. There was a flat kind of pencil you have to get your Victorinox Swiss Army knife out to sharpen so I declined as was not practical in today’s stationery climate.

Above: Lots of helpful pamphlets and postcards on our local groups and meet ups. I took ones for SW London (green). I connected with them on Twitter today. I used to write for the South London Society of Architects (SLSA) newsletter.

Highlights of the evening included talks by President Ben Derbyshire, guest speaker Dr Teri Okoro, (see above), 20% discount at the RIBA Bookshops, networking with the Council, Board, Committee Members, staff and learning new benefits exclusive to us in 2019.

Here I am with business partner Lisa. We have done 3 jobs together now and we are looking forward to a smashing 2019.

This blog first appeared on my blog. As usual all comments and feedback are welcome. I would love to hear from you.

Ivy Ngeow is a London architect with her own boutique small practice and specialises in innovative, sustainable, cultural and diverse design, upcycling, repurposing, reusing and recycling materials, industrial residential and luxury residental. She is an award-winning author of two crime novels, Cry of the Flying Rhino (2016) and Heart of Glass (2017).

PS. The cocktail pianist Merv de Peyer was very good. He is New York-trained at the Berklee College of Music, and has played with the likes of Miles Davis, New Order and Madonna. He is not just a virtuoso jazz pianist. The RIBA has greata taste, guys!