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Design services

Architect’s services

There are three phases of service, depending on your budget and your requirements. A full service would include all three phases.

Phase I – Inception to Planning
Stages A to D: Appraisal, Briefing, Outline Proposals, Detailed Proposals
Receive client’s instructions, visit site and obtain site information and initial appraisal, advise on statutory approvals, advise on need for consultants, suppliers and specialists, assist client in preparing requirements, carry out studies to determine feasibility in terms of costs, requirements, concept design, sketch design, analyse client’s requirements and prepare designs with options, meet client to present and discuss options, refine options and submit revised design proposal to client, prepare and submit application for full planning permission.

Phase II – Tender to Mobilisation
Stages E to J: Final Proposals, Production Information, Tender Documentation, Tender Action, Mobilisation
Develop detailed design, prepare schedule of works, co-ordinate consultants (eg structural engineers), specialists and suppliers, prepare and submit building notice application, advise client on list of tenderers for building contract, invite tenders, negotiate price with selected contractor, appraise and report on tenders, advise on appointment of contractor and responsibilities of each party.

Phase III – Construction to Completion
Stage K to L: Construction to Practical Completion, After Practical Completion
Administer the terms of the building contract, carry out other services such as full interior design, kitchen design, bathroom design or landscape design (all incorporating detailed specifications, Furniture, Fittings and Electrical layout), monitor progress of works against contractor’s programme, review progress with contractor and report to the client, make regular site visits, certify valuations or work carried out by contractor or others, make final inspections.

The above lists are only guidelines. Services are tailored to suit the project, budget and specific client requirements, so it is best to contact me for further information. Once you contact me, I will make an appointment to visit you and find out about the project. I will then write to you with a fee estimate.

Architect’s fees

Initial Consultation:

If the project is straightforward, see the fee estimates below. If you are unsure, or if the project is complicated, please telephone or email us.

If a visit is required, due to the nature of the project, the fee would be £125 for a 45 minute consultation. During this period, you may ask any questions about your proposed works. I will provide you with initial concepts, thoughts and ideas. I will advise according to cost, feasibility and your requirements.

When a project has been agreed,

  • fees, services and duties would be described in a contract to be signed
  • fees may be paid in instalments to help the client
  • fees for full architectural service, as described below, will follow RIBA guidelines.

Phase I: chargeable at flat rate
£2200 for one single-storey extension to existing residential building,
£3500 for two single-storey concurrent extensions to the same existing building, or one double-storey extension to the same building.
If amendments were required after submission for planning approval i.e. either by the client or by the council, they would be carried out at the rate of £95 per hour.
For all other building types, please contact the architect as the fee varies according to the project nature.

Phase II: chargeable at day rate
1 to 3 days, depending on size of project, charged at the day rate of £695, for extension(s) to existing residential building. The number of days would vary according to the project, therefore please check with the architect.

Phase III: chargeable as percentage of Contract Sum.
The rates below are provided as a guide, and may be negotiated above or below the figures to reflect the nature of the work.

Works to existing buildings Class 5 (i.e. houses and flats for individual clients):
for works which are between £10,000 to £60,000 in contract value – 15% of contract sum. The architect’s fee decreases with increasing contract value after the £60,000 mark, for instance, for works which are £180,000 in contract value the architect’s fee is 14.5%.

New Buildings Class 5 (i.e. houses and flats for individual clients):
for works which are £100,000 in contract value, the fee is 9.5%
for works which are £200,000 in contract value, the fee is 8.5%

These figures are examples. For more information please contact the architect. For both existing and new works, the architect’s fee is inversely proportional to the contract sum and follows an exponential curve.

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