The Sexualisation of Spaces: Matthew Turner talks dirty about Architecture as Pornography

Outlet by Bartlett

“To appreciate architecture, you may need to f**k in it. Architecture, in many ways, is the ultimate pornography; it’s an analytical activity whose main aim is to isolate objects or events from their context in time and space.” – Matthew Turner (Bartlett).Outlet by Bartlett tweet
An interesting essay about the sexualisation of spaces, challenging the usual 3Fs of design (“form follows function”) in March 2019 issue of “Outlet”. I am more concerned that it is so lovingly crafted and nostalgic for me – a painfully stylish, super retro XEROX-printed publication by the Bartlett School of Architecture, just like the handmade newsletters we made in Uni – see photo. You may be too young to remember the historical cut and paste art also called the lost art of fax/photocopier printing. In which case, you have to make do with these ‘new’ versions.